Oat protein as feed

MBP Solutions  has a high-quality portfolio of feed ingredients for a diversity of animal feed applications. Liquid oat protein from production of oat beverages is an excellent ingredient in wet feed for pigs. 

Our business brings to life the concepts of industrial ecology and circular economy by materializing the idea that the waste stream of one industry can be used as a key resource by another.


  • High palability
  • Good source of protein (approx. 40% crude protein)
  • High in energy, due to high fat content (13% crude fat)
  • Suitable for liquid feeding systems
  • Can replace other feed ingredients, such as dried distillers grains, soybean meal and partially replaces other grains
  • Feed with high protein and high fat content
  • Used for pork or chicken feed (not cattle)
  • Currently a wet feed, but could be dried


Our OMBP agreements are made in such a way  that our clients’ and MBP’s interests fully aligned. Through these agreements, our OMBP clients in the US get access to a dedicated team of sales managers and application experts within the following areas:

• Animal Feed • Biofuel  • Anaerobic Digestion  • Soil Improvement • Other technical uses. 

Together with logistics specialists and customer service staff, our clients are supported by our set of skills, competencies, and geographical reach that it would be impossible to employ by themselves.

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In almost all companies, by-products are handled with low priority, and most companies cannot justify allocating people, time, and resources to optimize these secondary streams. In MBP, we have made the management of by-products our business. Our US team, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota has a focus on understanding our clients’ needs to deliver financial and sustainability improvements on an ongoing basis.

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