MBP Solutions & Insta-Pro International partner up
to provide better markets for soybean oil

MBP Solutions and Insta-Pro Intl are partnering to provide better markets and value for oil produced by Insta-Pro customers. With this agreement, MBP Solutions becomes Insta-Pro’s principal oil brokering partner for USA, Canada and Western Europe.

Insta-Pro, located in Grimes, Iowa is a leading developer and manufacturer of oil seed processing equipment such as extruders and presses. With customers in over 100 countries, Insta-Pro technology provides sustainable agri-processing businesses the tools they need to produce superior nutritional  protein meals from soybeans and other oil seeds.  The process creates a high-value oil leaving some processors in need of a market for their oil.

“MBP has been providing by-product solutions since 1999, when we were founded in Europe, and we are excited about the opportunity to work with Insta-Pro’s customers to allow them to focus on protein meal sales, providing peace of mind, that they will not have to worry about finding the best outlets for their oil”, says Jens Søgaard Jacobsen, Chief Sales Officer and Partner in MBP Solutions.

“Through this partnership with MBP, Insta-Pro continues its commitment to bring a complete solution to our customers with an expert in oil sales. This partnership will allow our customers to spend more of their time on growing meal sales which is the primary reason they got into this business, optimizing plant operations, eliminating the worry about oil tanks becoming full”, says Kevin Kacere, President and CEO of Insta-Pro International.

Contact: Georgia Ionascu

Email: gio@mbpsolutions.com

For information about Insta-Pro Intl, 

visit: https://www.insta-pro.com/

MBP Solutions is specialized in the sales, marketing and management of by-products from industries such as fish and vegetable oil refining, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and oleochemicals. With its unique Outsourced Management of By-Products (OMBP) service solution, MBP is active in more than 50 countries with offices in 10 countries in Europe and North America.