MBP Timeline

MBP founded in Scandinavia

1st April 1999

MBP founded in Scandinavia

The company was founded as Modern By-Products A/S  in Denmark by David Magnussen and Fayrefield Foods A/S. A pioneer of the circular economy, MBP focused on the optimal use of waste and residues by developing innovative by-product solutions with an open book approach incorporating full traceability. This approach reflected the emerging demand for traceability, sustainability and animal feed security that would rapidly start to grow  across Europe.

First shipload of bio-liquids for Scandinavian energy market

1st January 2003

MBP sent the first shipload of bio liquids to a Scandinavian energy customer for replacement of heavy fuel oil. MBP had set up a tank park in the Netherlands for consolidation of waste and residue oils from the food and oleochemical industry and these oils found a new market in Scandinavia where national policies aimed at reducing CO2 emissions at an early stage.

First Key Distributor Agreement signed, with market leader in omega-3 industry

1st November 2003

MBP signed its first long term, exclusive by-product distribution agreement with a market leader in the omega-3 concentration industry. This completely new approach, for the Outsourced Management of By-Products (OMBP), drove considerable development and growth throughout MBP, leading to the company becoming the world market leader for omega-3 concentration by-products and fish oil fractions that it is today.

Swiss HQ established

1st June 2004

Swiss HQ established

The Swiss company MBP Trading SA, later renamed MBP Solutions Ltd, was founded. Within a couple of years, the Swiss company moved to Neuchatel which became the group’s headquarters.

Used Cooking Oil (UCO) business launched

1st October 2005

Used Cooking Oil (UCO) business launched

MBP acquired the Swedish used cooking oil collection company Sveprol AB. Sveprol was one of six UCO collection companies in Sweden. Through synergies with other oil based activities, MBP expanded its market for district heating oil in Sweden. The company then consolidated the UCO industry in Sweden and expanded its UCO collection and processing into Norway and Denmark.

MBP expands by-product management into the UK

1st June 2006

MBP expands by-product management into the UK

In 2006 we opened our office in England with one employee and our first UK OMBP agreement with a large oleochemical manufacturer.

Major tank storage facility and factory opens in Norway

1st August 2006

In order to be able to guarantee on-time collection and delivery and to maintain quality the company bought a factory in Greaaker with a 6000 m3 tank storage capacity. This complex  has enabled MBP to develop many new services for a range of different industries.

Italy office opens

1st September 2009

In 2009 MBP was ready to expand into Italy.  A dedicated company and office were established to enable MBP to service local production companies with their by-products and develop a detailed understanding of the Italian business environment.

MBP feed sales launched

1st October 2009

MBP employed their first dedicated feed sales nutritionist, marking the start of an important  new by-product sector for the business.

MBP opens Netherlands office

1st March 2010

Our Dutch office was a critically important move for expanding business locally and regionally based on its central location and the cost effective logistics to and from the Netherlands.

First North American OMBP agreement signed

1st May 2011

MBP signed its first OMBP agreement in North America with the region’s leading omega-3 concentrator. This was a major breakthrough in the North American market firmly establishing MBP as the world leader in omega-3 by-products.

First Sustainability certification achieved

1st June 2012

With the arrival of the EU Renewable Energy Directive there was finally a trustworthy way of documenting the sustainable status of waste oils and residues when used for biofuel or bioliquid. MBP pioneered this whole area, achieving ISCC certification and, later, certification to the RSB (Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials).

ISO 9001 (Quality) & ISO 14001 (Environmental) standards adopted

1st October 2012

ISO 9001 (Quality) & ISO 14001 (Environmental) standards adopted

With storage and production in several countries and a growing organisation, MBP decided to implement ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards in order to improve management. MBP chose to embrace these management systems and they have since become the core of our organisation and been a key enabler of growth and profitability.

Animal feed unit opened in Sweden

1st October 2012

MBP moved into offices near Malmö in Sweden and this marked the start of our specialist animal feed unit, where we now have a dedicated team of 15 people working with the development of animal feed applications. Early growth was in fish oil based products rich in EPA + DHA. Protein powders and brewer’s spent yeast and barley were later added to the portfolio.

US office opened reflecting success of the OMBP approach in USA

1st October 2015

MBP establishes MBP Solutions USA  LLC and a US office to service US customers even better. MBP granted  relevant export and import permissions. MBP’s Outsourced Management of By-Products approach suits the US market where outsourcing solutions are popular.

Company changes name to MBP Solutions

1st November 2015

Company changes name to MBP Solutions

The Swiss company that does the majority of the business changes its name from MBP Trading to MBP Solutions Ltd. The new name better represents MBP’s continuous drive for the best applications and solutions for by-products and waste.

Scandinavian by-product focus

1st January 2016

The growth in the group business activities requires more local presence and focus. The responsibility for the Scandinavian business gets split out and a Nordic sales director is appointed. This becomes the start of more local development with suppliers, customers and partners, where a strong local presence is required.

Established employee, Helen Sainsbury, appointed as CEO

1st January 2017

Nine years after her start in MBP as a business coordinator, followed by subsequent company roles across a broad range of disciplines, Helen Sainsbury was appointed  as CEO.  Based in MBP’s UK office in Skipton, Helen and her administrative team have continued to  increase efficiencies and professionalise the company, enabling the rest of the top management team to spend more time on business development and growth.

Submitted the first CoP (Communication on Progress) at the UN Global Compact

1st November 2018

Submitted the first CoP (Communication on Progress) at the UN Global Compact

Since 2017 MBP Solutions LTD has been committed to the UN Global Compact corporate responsibility initiative and its principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. In November 2018 MBP Solutions submitted the first Communication on Progress.

MBP achieved Chain of Custody Certifications, COC for MSC and IFFO – RS

4th March 2019

MBP achieved Chain of Custody Certifications, COC for MSC and IFFO – RS

In March 2019 we obtained chain of custody certifications, COC for the two sustainability standards for fish oil, MSC and IFFO-RS, which allows us to meet the highest requirements in the aquafeed industry for ASC, BAP as well as Global G.A.P certified feed plants. This is an important part in adding value to our fish oils and meeting the demands for sustainability today and in the future.

MBP Corporate Branding

1st September 2019

MBP Corporate Branding

MBP Solutions marks 20 years of continued business growth with the launch of an “evolved”, new corporate identity. “We’re updating our overall look and feel that we have a distinctive, immediately recognisable image that will support our next 20 years of growth in an increasingly important and dynamic market,” commented Helen Sainsbury, Chief Executive Officer of MBP Solutions.

OMBP (Outsourced Management of By-Products) Focus

1st October 2020

OMBP (Outsourced Management of By-Products) Focus

MBP Solutions signs the first two OMBP agreements in Asia (China, Singapore) and the first agreement in South America. Our local presence on different continents allows us to provide international solutions. The animated video explaining the OMBP solution is launched.

Corporate Purpose and Core Values

1st November 2020

Corporate Purpose and Core Values

MBP Solutions redefines its corporate purpose and core values, with the help of its employees, helping guide the next phase of business growth.

New MBP office in California and two new MBP companies in Asia

18th June 2021

New MBP office in California and two new MBP companies in Asia

MBP Solutions starts up new MBP companies in Singapore, MBP Solutions Asia Pte Ltd and China (Hunan), 长沙曼邦普生物科技有限公司, MBP Solutions Changsha Ltd and a new office in California.

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