A History of Sustainable By-product Management Since 1999

With a history of sustainable by-product management since 1999, MBP Solutions continues to innovate and deliver value to its global client base.

Our commitment to sustainable by-product management is deeply ingrained in our history, values and behaviours. From our beginnings, we have recognised the potential of by-products as valuable resources and sought to optimise their use in a sustainable and innovative way.

Our journey began in 1999 when it was founded as Modern By-Products A/S in Denmark by David Magnussen and Fayrefield Foods A/S. The company at that time specialised in animal by-product trading. We quickly realised that there was an opportunity to properly manage and utilise by-products from various other industries.

MBP Solutions Journey

As our services expanded into other industries, we quickly earned a reputation of being a pioneer for by-products with our holistic perspective on the global circular economy.

Our focus has always been on the optimal use of waste and residues by developing innovative by-product solutions with an open book approach incorporating full traceability. This approach has subsequently been adapted across Europe, the Americas and Asia in recent years. With a solid history build on open-book practices, MBP Solutions is strongly positioned to support the growing demand regarding sustainability and security.

As our company continues to expand and invest in a strong future, we look forward to continually being the service partner of choice for by-product processes to our customer and supplier base around the world.

Browse through the MBP history timeline below to learn about some of our key developments and successes. We look forward to continually contributing to our partners’ business successes for a more sustainable world.

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