About Us

Turning one industry’s by-product into another industry’s raw material.

Who we are

We want to be the best in innovative management of biological by-products.

Our mission

We want to be the company of choice for industries having or wanting biological by-products, by delivering customised offerings through the excellence and competence of our people and practice.

What we do

MBP Solutions is a world leader in the collection, handling, processing, production, and application of biological by-products and related services.

“MBP Group was built on a sustainable background, adding as much value as possible to industrial by-products. Sustainability was - and still remains - a key ingredient of our business activities and its success. We are pleased to see that our company was certified according to the RSB scheme; this constitutes an important recognition of our continuous efforts for the sustainable management and trade of industrial waste and by-products.”
David Magnussen
MBP Group Chairman
Cubic Metres of Storage
Tonnes Sold Yearly
Managed OMBP Factories

Our happy customers

“MBP Solutions has improved the value and distribution of our co-products through their world-wide distribution network. We greatly appreciate their service-oriented USA/North America office to provide local support for access to global markets.