Waste and By-product Collection

By-product collection with a thorough understanding of waste

MBP is a world leader in waste and by-product collection. Since our founding more than two decades ago, MBP Solutions has offered a waste and by-product collection service. The focus of our service is on meeting our partner operational needs for on-time performance and availability, as well as local and globally regulatory compliance for secure and safe transportation.

We have extensive experience in oil refining, biodiesel production, oleochemistry, food, breweries, cereal, omega-3 refining and fish meal production.

Through the decades, MBP has developed a thorough and detailed understanding of handling materials with a Waste status. This includes legislation, documentation and applications.

MBP offices and installations in Europe are certified for Waste handling according to the national and European requirements. Our employees are specifically trained in the necessary legislation aspects. Browse our certifications.



For wastes, we have extensive expertise regarding products with Animal By-product status. This covers Category 1, 2 and 3 products. MBP Solutions handles all documentation along with all veterinarian aspects.

With a strong international reputation and extensive expertise in all types of waste and by-product collection and handling, please reach out to us with your needs and would be pleased to help.

By-product Value Chain
The by-product value chain for the manufacturer (green) and for MBP (blue)

In Scandinavia, MBP has pioneered and grown the market for the collection of used cooking oil from restaurants, fast food chains and factories.

MBP also offers a total outsourcing solution for the management of your by-products, our OMBP approach, which offers a range of high value services, legal compliance and product and service development.

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