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At MBP Solutions, we add value to biological by-product processes because of our unique knowledge of product applications, sustainability, sales, legal compliance and supply chain management. Take advantage of our comprehensive expertise for the outsourced management of by-products.

Outsourced Management of By-products by MBP Solutions OMBP

When it comes to the outsourced management of by-products, MBP Solutions is your by-product expert. Outsourcing this specialist process reduces business complexity while maintaining a high level of service and quality.

With a focus on optimal resource utilisation of biological by-products, our unique service is called OMBP (Outsourced Management of By-Products).

This 360ᵒ solution combines our unique logistics, operational and compliance expertise with our global coverage. Our networks includes streams such as fish and vegetable oil refining, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and oleochemicals.

The complete solution is packaged around sustainable processes for both your business and our circular economy.

Are you leveraging your by-products?

Learn how implementing circular economy principles can reduce environmental impact and create economic opportunities for your business.

Our OMBP approach is built on three principles:


Our approach ensures aligned interests that will drive value.

MBP’s international organisation and application experts ensure the best solutions.


Is essential – but often overlooked in many organisations.

At MBP we invest in the education of our employees and audits and legal compliance reporting are built into our OMBP approach.


Our OMBP approach takes a long term perspective, which enables MBP to invest in product and market development.

This ensures even better solutions in the medium and long term.

Looking to outsource the management of your by-products? Pay attention to these key points.

  • References

    Make sure your partner has a solid list of references showing good results. Check at least two references that are relevant for your industry.

  • Competencies

    The outsourcing partner must have the competencies relevant for your by-products and/or waste. Ensure that necessary certifications are in place.

  • Legal Compliance

    Relevant local, regional and international legislative expertise is required to ensure appropriate protection against potential negative brand exposure.

  • Local and International

    With the increased competition in markets, mitigate pricing or supply risks by having access to a mix of local and international sales outlets.

  • Sustainability

    Look for documents on sustainability. Many by-products and wastes can be recovered and recycled with landfill becoming increasingly expensive.

  • Dynamic Outlets

    With changes in legislation and subsidies, your partner needs to rapidly pivot to always find the best outlet for you.

  • Aligned Interests

    The best outsourcing contracts ensure that you have aligned interest, with your outsourced partner getting the best possible value from your by-products.

  • Development and Time Perspective

    The realised potential of by-products and wastes occurs through active development work. Make sure that the notice period of the outsourcing agreement is long enough to allow for development and that your partner is competent and incentivised to do the development.

  • Management Reporting

    Make sure that your outsourcing partner is reporting to your management on a regular basis on the value created, market developments, sales and product developments, legal compliance, sustainability as well as improvements for investment decisions.

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