Expertise in Fertilisers and Fertiliser Ingredients

MBP provides a range of fertilisers and fertiliser ingredients for both organic and inorganic agriculture. Whether you are a farmer growing plants or a fertiliser producer, we have the nutrients that can help you improve your production.

Our fertiliser product range includes nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and sulphur products. In addition to these nutrients, some of our products are enhanced with other attributes to improve performance. We work with our customers to ensure they are getting the fertiliser ingredients that require.

For example, for farming purposes some products contain biological oils to reduce the evaporation of nutrients and reduce the smell. Additionally, a product can be made acidic to lower the pH and thereby reduce evaporation.

Our fertiliser products are used for maize, rape, wheat, potatoes and other crops as well as ingredients for fertiliser production. We develop product applications that are tailored to meet specific requirements to get the right mix of different nutrients.

MBP Soil Improvement Product

MBP Solutions is an ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISCC and RSB certified company. View and download our certificates on our Quality page.

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Fertilisers and Fertiliser Ingredients Around the World

MBP sells fertiliser products to both farmers as well as solid and liquid fertiliser producers in various countries around the world.

MBP Solutions has expertise in testing and analysis of fertiliser products and in-house teams responsible for registering fertiliser products and ingredients according to local, regional and environmental compliance.

Some of our main products include:

  • Urea solution for use as high nitrogen fertiliser
  • Sulphuric acid for pH control of manure
  • Potassium sulphate for use as high potassium fertiliser
  • Phosphorous acid for use in biostimulants production
Tractor for farming and fertilising

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