Expertise in Biofuels, Bioliquids and Feedstocks

MBP has been active in biofuels, bioliquids and feedstocks since our founding in 1999. Our investment in this area continued as we established our first biofuel storage and factory facility in 2002.

Our feedstocks for biofuels and bioliquids are carbon neutral, cost-efficient alternatives to mineral oil based heavy fuels, light fuels, and diesel. They are derived purely from biogenic waste or residue sources.

We work closely with a wide range of energy producers and are noted for our outstanding levels of service and quality. We have extensive experience and expertise in sourcing, supplying and using biofuels and bioliquids for a wide range of installations.

MBP provides expertise in product technical knowledge, incineration technology and legal and fiscal compliance – key competences in this fragmented and rapidly developing area of the energy industry. In order to ensure a completely safe process, MBP will arrange trial deliveries as well as recommend competent third party technical consultants, if required.

MBP-Biofuel product

MBP Solutions is an ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISCC and RSB certified company. View and download our certificates on our Quality page.

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Methylester Distillation Residues

Used as a substitute for heavy fuel oils or diesel and can be applied either as process heat/steam generation or in stationary CHP (combined heat and power) Units. Available in vegetable or mixed origin.

Fatty Acids Distillation Residues

Used as a substitute for heating oils, and can be applied either as process heat/steam generation. Available in vegetable or mixed origin and in various rheological characteristics.

High Melting Point Distillation Residues

This is typically used as a substitute for heavy fuel in very robust burners, where the user has the equipment to handle a fuel with a high melting point, high levels of ash and some contaminants.

Fatty Acids Ethyl Esters

Used for power generation and/or heating but should be further processed to meet the customer’s required specification as some parameters do not meet the current guidelines in EN14214.

Bioliquid Blends

This bioliquid is blended specifically to meet users’ requirements.

Available in vegetable or mixed origin.

An overview of the biofuels and bioliquids market

An increasing number of countries in the world are committed to reducing global warming and greenhouse gases by decreasing their dependency on fossil fuels. Several countries have set national targets for renewable energy and are busy implementing policies to reach these targets. Biofuels and bioliquids are important elements in reaching these targets as they can often be used in existing facilities and equipment.

Clean energy has gained increasing global awareness. In the European Union, this topic was addressed with the Renewable Energy Directive (RED) in 2009 and subsequent RED II and RED III Directives. MBP supports the RED and is fully committed to supplying biofuels and bio-liquids complying with the requirements of the RED and similar directives around the world.

MBP is aware of public and customers’ concern about using primary oils which could otherwise be used for human consumption. Through our Sustainability Policy MBP is committed to using biofuel and bioliquid produced only from waste and by-products, not from primary oils.

MBP biofuels and bioliquids are used in a wide range of applications – either pure or blended with other fuels – including road transport, electricity, combined heat and power (CHP) plants as well as process heat generation facilities, across Europe, North America and Asia.


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