Outsourced Management of By-Products

MBP Solutions was founded in 1999 and specializes in adding value to biological by-products through unique know-how regarding product applications, sustainability, sales and marketing, legal compliance, and supply chain management. 

With a focus on the utilisation of the resources in biological by-products, MBP Solutions has developed a unique service called OMBP (Outsourced Management of By-Products) 360ᵒ solutions – where by-products and wastes from 33 different factories in Europe and North America, from industries such as fish and vegetable oil refining, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and oleochemicals, are managed in a sustainable way.

Turning one industry’s by-product into another industry’s raw material.

We come in and take care of everything, we evaluate your by-products and your current process and add value to your by-products through our expertise.

• We have technical expertise: we combine product and application knowledge to find the best solution for your by-products 

• We take on full by-product value chain responsibility 

• We provide guidance in legal compliance 

• All done in a sustainable way 

• We market and sell your by-product for you, in a win-win way of working.

You’ll have more time and achieve better results. You will become a business that’s doing their bit for sustainability and the circular economy, with MBP Solutions as a dedicated partner.