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You can tell a lot about a business from the company it keeps. At MBP Solutions we are proud of the customer relationships we have and the other businesses and organisations we work with closely. Details of some of our customers, strategic partnerships and key organisational memberships are given below.

Wiley Companies specialize in providing unique and valuable separation solutions to the chemical process industry. MBP manages the by-products from their production facilities under the OMBP agreement.

Strategic partnerships

The Finnish specialised recycling company Rasmix Oy is active in management and recycling of various industrial wastes and residues from the food, bio and paper and pulp industry (more than 6 000 tons annually). MBP Solutions acquired the majority of the shares in 2022, joining forces in sustainable recycling of resources.

ReSource International ehf. is an Icelandic environmental engineering company with a focus on developing services to the industry using state of the art technology. MBP and ReSource International cooperate closely to ensure that their customers always receive the best services and solutions.

Botella AS is an importer and distributor of olive oil and other quality products for the Norwegian market. MBP partners with Botella to offer a reliable and safe disposal service for used cooking oils from restaurants and large kitchens.

Organisational memberships

MBP is a member of AFOA, the US trade association for the fats and oil industry.

Key people in MBP have been long-time members of AOCS. MBP keeps up to date with oils and fats science through this world leading organisation.

MBP is a member of the Danish Biogas Association.

MBP is a member of EBA, the European association of Biogas.

MBP is a member of EWABA, the European Waste-based Advanced Biofuels Association.

MBP is a member of GOED where we develop our understanding of the benefits of EPA and DHA in human and animal nutrition.

MBP is a member of Grofor, the German trade association for wholesalers of fats and oils.

MBP is a member of IFFO, the global organisation for fish meal and fish oil.

MBP is a member of MVO, an organisation for the whole fats and oil chain in the Netherlands.

MBP is a member of Nobio, the association for the Norwegian bioenergy industry.

MBP is a member of NOFOTA, Netherlands Oils, Fats and Oilseeds Trade Association.

MBP is a member of Svebio, the Swedish association for the development of bioenergy.

MBP’s animal feed office is a member of this Swedish Association for promotion of safe animal feed and veterinary control.

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