What is our
Go Green scheme?

MBP has helped a wide range of industries to improve many different aspects of their by-product management. We can help your business go green.

MBP has experts with a detailed understanding of production technology who are able to analyse waste and by-product streams and assess their potential in different applications.

This is how the Go Green scheme could look for your business.

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We take huge pride in identifying products that are normally considered as waste or a by-product from production and – by understanding the potential of this by-product – we will find its optimal application. By doing this, MBP not only reduces the waste generated in society but also reduces the consumption of primary raw material, as our by-product based products will often substitute the primary raw materials.

MBP’s many different experts will work with manufacturers’ technical people in order to understand how the by-products arise and to develop a suitable by-product strategy: a strategy that will optimise the potential of the individual waste and by-product streams in both the short and the long term.

MBP Solutions is committed to having all the necessary certifications and accreditations for the range of services and products we provide across all our markets.