MBP Products

Quality biological by-products for a whole range of uses.

MBP Solutions is a world leader in the collection, handling, processing, production, and application of biological by-products and related services. We provide a wide range of products including; biofuels, bioliquids, substrates for biogas productionsoil improvement products, high quality animal feeds and pet food products; and specialist technical products for a wide range of applications.

MBP has a wide range of biofuels and bioliquids with various specifications. At MBP we work closely with our customers to understand their specific needs and their technical capabilities in detail. Then, based on our vast experience of the application of biofuels and bioliquids in different settings, we can recommend a suitable solution and set up a corresponding supply chain. 

Different biogas plants have different needs. At MBP we know that what is the right solution for one plant may not be the right solution for another. We are also aware that over time a biogas plant may need different types of substrates according to the season, the stability of the plant or other operational considerations. Our substrates and co-substrates are derived from a wide range of industries including the animal and vegetable oil refining industry, the food industry and others. 

Thanks to the high quality of our raw materials – all produced in human grade processing plants for human consumption – we have been able to develop a top quality product portfolio for animal feeds for several kind of animals including: fish, shrimp, pigs, cattle, mink, poultry, and horses, among others.

MBP sells fertiliser products to farmers in Scandinavia (Sweden, Denmark and Norway) and England. We also sell to producers of solid and liquid fertilisers in Scandinavia, England and Germany. Our products are analyzed and registered for use as fertiliser or for use as soil improvement and all our products comply with environmental legislation in the various markets.

MBP offers a range of different valuable ingredients including oils, proteins or meals, specifically for the global pet food industry. Our potato protein, which is used in many “grain-free- products”, has a protein content of about 80%, which is perfect for super premium pet food producers worldwide.

MBP operates in the market of bio-based by-products and residues. Often these products are burned to generate heat and energy. However energy generation is a lower form of recycling of these environmental friendly products and at MBP we have the knowledge and expertise to develop more advanced and ‘’higher’’ forms of recycling in the form of specialist applications such as lubricants and specialist solvents.