Advanced recycling technology

MBP operates in the market of bio-based by-products and residues. Often these products are burned to generate heat and energy. However energy generation is a lower form of recycling of these environmental friendly products and at MBP we have the knowledge and expertise to develop more advanced and ‘’higher’’ forms of recycling.

Over the years we have developed many applications which have proved to be excellent examples of this higher form of recycling.

Some noteworthy examples from the oleochemical and fish oil industry include:

Oleochemical by-products

In a biodiesel plant natural fats and oils are processed into biodiesel. One example is Rape Methyl Ester-Biodiesel based on rape oil.

Some of our oleochemical by-products can be used as lower grade raw materials for the biodiesel process. Although the yield is less, it still can be a cost-efficient alternative compared to pure oils. We are expert at judging if a specific by-product could be applied as biodiesel-feed.

MBP has developed several applications of bio-based by-products for asphalt, to replace mineral oil based products. This was often done in cooperation with asphalt manufacturers. In order to recycle asphalt, materials are added to improve viscosity. One of the products which can be used for this purpose is a ‘’heavy’’ residue which originates from the oleochemical industry.

Some of our vegetable-based residues are being used as biodegradable lubricants, for example as a lubricant for sawing in Scandinavia.

We often have access to specific grades of fatty acids as stearins. Our knowledge allows us to identify the best application on a case by cases basis. Resulting applications can, for example, range from candle manufacturing to de-inking of paper-pulp.

Oleochemical by-product from rape seed
Testing Fish Oils

Fish oil ethyl esters

Fish oils can be used to produce Omega-3 products suitable for human consumption. During this
process by-products are generated. An important by-product is Fish Oil Ethyl Ester also known as

Over the years we have developed several applications for FOEE:

•  Together with biodiesel manufactures we developed the option to mix FOEE into biodiesel
in order to adjust quality and benefit from double counting status. As well as the technical and chemical issues involved, we concentrated on achieving compliance with legal requirements, as these can differ from country to country.

•  Another application of FOEE is to optimize the properties of bitumen, for instance as a ‘’binder’’.

•  Use of FOEE as an environment-friendly release agent for concrete casting release.

•  Use as a solvent in the ink industry.

These are just some examples of applications for our bio-based by-products. There are many other applications for these type of products. Please contact us to discuss your applications or by-products requirements. We will be pleased to help you find the optimal application.


Unless otherwise agreed, the product is strictly for technical use, not for feed and not for food applications. MBP delivers these goods as non-Energy and non-Excised products. In case Buyer/Receiver intends to use the product for energy application, eventual Excise duties are the responsibility of the Buyer/Receiver.


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