For more information on laboratory analysis call us on +41 32 720 05 20

ReSource Labs

Through ReSource Labs, we provide laboratory analytical services with a strong focus on organic by-products and waste streams. We have particular expertise in environmental matters and residual resource management.

We are known for:

•  reliable analytical services

•  optimized and professional methods of laboratory analysis for un-common sample types and applications

•  the use of results for business and associated applications

•  our active work in R&D and consulting

We specialise in laboratory analysis and related consultancy services for the following:

Oil and fats

We provide specialised analysis for oil and fats products. In addition to regular analysis we help customers develop both their knowledge in, and new opportunities for, blending and increasing the stability of their products.


We have developed a specialist group of analytical methods to evaluate substrates‘ potential for biogas applications. We also help customers to validate their products for legal compliance and to enable efficient pricing for energy production.


We provide basic analysis of wastewater composition as well as consultancy on legal compliance for wastewater discharge into the environment. We have also developed new methods for analysis and reporting of newly recognized pollutants such as microplastics particles. | Tel: +47 98 90 49 47

For more information on laboratory analysis call us on +41 32 720 05 20