MBP is a member of the Danish Biogas Association

Biogas Danmark

MBP Solutions has joined the Danish Biogas Association that was formed on March 28, 2017.  It aims to promote the production and the use of biogas in Denmark as an economically sound and sustainable basis for a successful energy transition and as a political priority.

MBP has an extensive track record and experience with a variety of substrates for biogas and biomethane production and is one of the major players in the area of industrial (non agricultural) feedstocks.

Different biogas plants have different needs. At MBP we know that what is the right solution for one plant may not be the right solution for another. We are also aware that over time a biogas plant may need different types of substrates according to the season, the stability of the plant or other operational considerations.

 Our substrates and co-substrates are derived from the animal and vegetable oil refining industry; from biodiesel production; the oleochemical and glycerine industry; as well as from some food production. In addition to substrate variety, we offer flexibility in delivery.

We offer a variety of substrates: 

 • Soap Stock, • Fat Residues, • Fat/Fatty Acids – Water Emulsions, • Crude Glycerine, • Glycerine By-products, • Alkaline Glycerin/G-Phase,  

• Bleaching Earth, • Lecitines / Phospholipids, • Waste Water Sludge, • Dry Products, • Starch / Protein Based.

MBP Sourcing

MBP has unique long-term relations with an increasing number of suppliers of industrial residues and by-products which enables MBP to guarantee long-term contracts. 

Mbp Quality

MBP offers dedicated analytical services to assess the full profile of all subtrates. A stringent quality control program ensures that all orders are produced to defined quality standards before delivery to the customer.

MBP Logistics

MBP has a team that is in charge of logistics management and customer service ensures that our products are delivered on time and according to all agreements.


MBP’s deep chemical knowledge combined with solid technical competence ensures that by-products from various industries can be matched to plants in order to optimize individual substrates.

 You can get more information about MBP and Biogas in our latest industry update.