Total commitment to accreditation

MBP Solutions is committed to having all the necessary certifications and accreditations for the range of services and products we provide across all our markets.


Our quality management system – based on the ISO 9001 standard – was first certified in October 2012. MBP has maintained certification with our latest certification renewed in 2023. The ISO 9001 standard is at the heart of the way we manage our company. It enables us to sustain the quality of the products and services we deliver, something which is extra challenging as by-products and waste are not homogeneous or stable in quality. We also updated our Quality Policy in January 2023 to enhance our quality management.


We are dedicated to recycling and are pioneers of the circular economy so deciding to certify our environmental management system to the ISO 14001 standard was an easy decision. Our latest certification was renewed in 2022 and our certified system  ensures that we are managing our environmental impact.

Sustainability (RED)

Europe’s commitment to meeting CO2 reduction targets required systems to ensure that these targets did not lead to unintended negative environmental effects. The EU’s Renewable Energy Directive (RED) approved a number of voluntary schemes. MBP achieved certification to the first ISCC standard in 2012. This certification enables us to deliver products that comply with the European subsidies and quotas for biofuels and heating oils.

Animal Feeds

MBP Solutions has feed permissions from national animal feed authorities for the different countries where this is relevant including Denmark, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and UK.

Country Denmark Netherlands Norway Sweden Switzerland UK
Animal feed reg. number
NO 10050360
CH 12802

Sustainability, Aqua Feed

In March 2019 we obtained chain of custody, COC certifications for the two sustainability standards for fish oil, MSC and MarinTrust (known as IFFO-RS until April 2020), which allows us to meet the highest requirements in the aquafeed industry for ASC, BAP as well as Global G.A.P. certified feed plants. This is an important part in adding value to our fish oils and meeting the demands for sustainability today and in the future.

COC Certificate for MSC

COC Certificate for MarinTrust


MBP Solutions has achieved the GMP+ certificate 2023, registration number GMP506. The GMP+ standard is key in many European markets and is a system to achieve feed safety.


MBP has the relevant registrations for the handling and management of waste in several countries. Rules vary from country to country. Below is an overview of these registrations.

Country Netherlands UK Denmark Norway Sweden

Animal by-products

In the EU and EEA countries animal by-products can generally only be moved between facilities and by transporters that are registered and approved by the national veterinary authorities. Also specific registrations may be needed in order to import legally. MBP has the relevant permissions in place that cover the categories 1, 2 and 3 as appropriate.

Sustainability in our areas of business

Biofuels, bioliquids and biomethane substrates

MBP has been built on the principles of sustainability and seeking to add as much value as possible to industrial by-products. Since 2012 MBP has supplied the market with biofuels and bioliquids certified according to the EU Renewable Energy Directive (RED) standards. 

Currently MBP is certified according to RSB (the Roundtable for Sustainable Biomaterials), as well as according to  ISCC (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification). These certifications allow us to prove that our biofuels, bioliquids, and substrates for biomethane are sustainable. It also allows our customers to qualify for tax exemptions and other incentive schemes in the bioenergy sector.

ISCC Certificate

RSB Certificate

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