MBP Cyber-Awareness & Fraud Advice

MBP take the online security of our customers and partners very seriously. MBP have invested in the latest technology to help protect our data and that of our customers. Technology cannot stop the risks alone and we need help from the people we work with to reduce risks to all involved.

Globally, cyber crime is run by well established criminal organisations that use the latest tools and techniques to fool us into providing our information for them to use. It costs industry millions of € per day and we do not want our customers or MBP to be part of the statistics. 

We have created a short presentation for your information.

Customer Presentation

Fraud Protection

  • Change Bank Account details during a transaction (MBP have had the same bank account for 10 years, there are no plans to change).
  • Change Email Address – the domain will always be @mbpsolutions.com, we own it and can protect it. (Ensure the correct spelling as hackers are known to buy similar looking domain names).

Further Information

Please find further reading and resources for business.