The experts behind MBP Solutions

Our people are knowledgeable, motivated, friendly, and willing to share their expertise. Our core values are honesty and integrity. Why not get in touch with one of our experts to see if we can help? Meet MBP team.

Helen Sainsbury


David Magnussen

Chairman and Head of Development

Jens Søgaard Jacobsen

Chief Sales Officer and Partner

Carsten Green Jensen

Sales Manager - Biogas and Fertilizers Scandinavia

Jan Rolin Frederiksen

North America Business Manager

Davide Vallero

Vice President Business Development

Joe Platt

UK Sales and Procurement

Edvard Andersson

Sales and Procurement - UCO Scandinavia

Maria Svantesson

Chief Nutritionist

Michael Rankenberg Jaeger

Sales and Procurement, Asia and North America

Nicolas Proietti

Group LEAN Manager, Biogas Application Expert

Rob Van Drooge

Senior Business Development Manager - Benelux and Germany

Rolf Michael Lanne

Chief Operations Officer Scandinavia

Susana Morales

Key Account Manager - Animal Feed

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Our history

The company was founded as Modern By-Products A/S in Denmark by David Magnussen and Fayrefield Foodtech Scandinavia A/S. A pioneer of the circular economy, MBP Solutions focussed on the optimal......

Who we work with

You can tell a lot about a business from the company it keeps. At MBP Solutions we are proud of the customer relationships we have and the other businesses and organisations we work with closely.