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MBP Solutions is specialized in adding value to biological by-products through unique know-how regarding product applications, sustainability, sales and marketing, legal compliance and supply chain management. The company was founded in 1999, on the concept of sustainability, legal compliance, transparency and optimal utilization of the resources in biological by-products. 

MBP Solutions has developed a unique service called OMBP (Outsourced Management of By-Products) where by-products and wastes from 31 different factories in Europe and North America are managed in a sustainable way.

Quality Manager – UK, NL, SE or NO

We are looking for a Quality Manager to be based on one of our European Offices, either Skipton – UK, Gouda – Netherlands, Staffanstorp – Sweden or Greåker – Norway.   

MBP Solutions is certified with ISO 9001, 14001, GMP+, ISCC, RSB and chain of custody certified for MSC and IFFO RS. The Quality Manager ensures that MBP maintains all current certification and works to embed and improve Quality management across the MBP companies.

Main Job Responsibilities

• Leading internal and external quality audits including internal co-ordination with MBP sites, external with auditors and follow up of audit actions

• Maintaining legislative and best practice knowledge and ensuring any changes are reflected in MBP’s processes

• Transforming standards and legal requirements into actual working procedures for MBP sites and administration

• Delivering the quarterly ISO Management report to senior managers

• Annual MBP Risk Assessment 


• Ensuring Material Safety Data Sheets and Product Data Sheets are updated and created for new products

• Group analysis data files & overview and ensuring all analysis certificates are registered on the system and filed on the server

• Implementing future ISO (and other standard) upgrades or new Quality Standards 

• Working with the Quality Administrator to improve and develop the online document system (TQM)

  • Updating existing and new procedures in the system 
  • Ensuring TQM training of MBP employees
  • Ensuring (through the TQM administrator) a TQM helpdesk for MBP employees 

The Quality Manager is expected to establish relationships with key personnel both internally and externally. European travel is limited but expected, especially during annual audits.


Knowledge and Experience Required

• Knowledge and experience in Quality Management, Sustainability and Environmental Management and associated standards e.g. ISO 9001, ISCC, IFFO RS, FEMAS or similar

• Experience in Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) manufacturing and compliance with demonstrated knowledge and experience of auditing/inspection techniques

• International quality or manufacturing/ processing experience an asset 

• Fluent in English, other languages an asset


• Knowledge regarding the EU feed legislation and understanding how to fulfill the legal requirements with routines and documentation within the company including HACCP, traceability and analysis planning

• Laboratory work competences/ background (desirable but not essential)

• Experience in Lean Manufacturing Techniques (desirable but not essential)

• Use of Microsoft packages essential, Access Database, Sharepoint an asset


Behaviour/ Values Required

• You work efficiently, prioritizing your workload according to the needs of the business

• You can work independently, using initiative and can problem solve issues at all levels


• Excellent analytical, business and communication skills

• You can motivate others, and achieve results through cross function teamworking and managing projects

For more information you may contact: 

Helen Sainsbury, CEO MBP Solutions Tel.  +44 1756 791203

Closing date: 22 November 2019

Would you like to work in an international environment with colleagues and customers in many countries, in a company that uses MS Office 365 tools to promote internal and external communication and cooperation?

If you are interested please apply at the earliest opportunity.


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Sustainability has been part of our ideological backbone since the beginning, as our organisation captures and delivers value in economic, environmental and social terms. Our business brings to life the concepts of industrial ecology and circular economy by materialising the idea that the waste stream of one industry can be used as a key resource by another. 

Our technical expertise, market knowledge and legal understanding help to promote the optimal and efficient use of natural resources, reduce waste and toxic emissions, reduce operating costs and generate new revenue. 

As a result, we improve the environmental, economic and social performance of our suppliers and customers, with whom we work together to enable the recycling and recovery of residual resources.