MBP Solutions signs new By-product outsourcing agreement with Boyd Station Foods

MBP Solutions has signed a new agreement for outsourced management of by-products (OMBP) with Boyd Station Foods in Danville, Pennsylvania, where MBP will be taking over the management of certain by-products from Boyd Station Foods’ production of refined soybean oil. This means that MBP Solutions is now managing a total of five outsourced by-product agreements for factories in North America; a unique service concept that MBP Solutions is the only player in the market to offer.

Boyd Station Foods was founded in 2015 and is a maker of organic and all-natural expeller pressed soybean oil. Boyd Station Foods is a subsidiary of Boyd Station, with roots in local Pennsylvania agriculture since 1912 and involved in corn and soybean farming, egg layer operations, grain merchanding, and soybean processing.

MBP Solutions is specialized in management of by-products from manufacturing industries within food and beverage, biodiesel, oleo-chemical, pharmaceutical, omega-3 concentration and other industries using biological feedstock. MBP is actively engaged in recycling and contributes to the circular economy. MBP is selling in more than 50 countries with offices in 10 countries in Europe and North America.

“MBP has been providing by-product solutions since 1999, when we were founded in Europe, but we are relatively newer to the North America market. We are quite unique in combining local sales, marketing and registration activities with a structured approach to development and sustainability using our competence centers in different application areas. Since our start in the US four years ago, we have seen a very high interest in this service concept from US manufacturing industries and we are excited about the relationship, we have now established with Boyd Station Foods”, says David Magnussen, Founder and Chairman of MBP Solutions Ltd.

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Media Contact: Georgia Ionascu