Steps to a better environment

The key steps to a better environment and the optimal use of resources are Prevent, Reuse, Recycle, Recover and Reduced Disposal of waste. This way of thinking has been at the core of MBP’s activities ever since the business started and is now widely referred to as the circular economy.

MBP works with by-products and waste in order to move them up in this waste hierarchy. MBP’s many different experts will work with manufacturers’ technical people in order to understand how the by-products arise and to develop a suitable by-product strategy: a strategy that will optimise the potential of the individual waste and by-product streams in both the short and the long term.

At MBP we focus only on biologically-based production and we have detailed knowledge of many different industries, applications, geographies and legislation requirements.

Examples of our applications that are more environmentally friendly than disposal (such as landfilling and burning without heat recovery) include: use for animal feed (animal feeds); use as raw material in other industries (technical products); use for energy recovery (bioliquids); anaerobic digestion feedstock (biogas); and composting or nutrients for agricultural land (soil improvement).

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Circular Economy

The circular economy

The circular economy is characterized by Production, Recycle and Recovery where the whole system is designed in order to minimize waste and keep the materials in use for as long as possible.


Protecting the environment has been part of the ideological back bone of MBP Solutions since the company was founded in 1999.