MBP Solutions is the strategic partner for the first european plant for sustainable aviation fuel

MBP Solutions Ltd. is a proud by-product supply chain partner of SkyNRG, as they have announced preparations for their new Sustainable Aviation Fuel plant in Delfzijl, the Netherlands with an annual capacity of 100’000 t Bio-Kerosene, scheduled to start production in 2022.

SkyNRG formally announced on 27-5-2019 their plans to construct the new plant as well as their strategic agreements with the two partners KLM and SHV Energy. SkyNRG aims to make a smart and sustainable fuel and will focus on using feedstock based on waste and residues including used cooking oils.

MBP Solutions is a partner for the sustainable sourcing of the feedstock and we are busy evaluating and testing relevant industrial waste and residue streams.

MBP Solutions delivers deep expertise into the project in this worldwide supply of sustainable by-product oils from industries like: oleochemistry, biodiesel production, omega-3 concentration, oil refinery and many other industries based on biological oils. MBP was a pioneer in application of biooils for bio heating oils as well as feedstock for biofuel and biodiesel production, and MBP today holds two sustainability certifications (RSB and ISCC) that are key to ensure a correct sustainable status of the biofuel.

Link to SkyNRG press release