MBP Solutions PARTICIPATES IN unleash 2019, shenzhen china

MBP Solutions is excited to have had the chance to attend the UNLEASH 2019 event in Shenzhen, China.

Susana Morales, our Key account manager for Animal feed, had the opportunity to participate at UNLEASH innovation lab for SDGs this year.  “It gives me hope in the future to see there are very committed people all over the globe working to make of this world a better place to live in. Be part of a company like MBP which also cares about the future of our world gives to my every day job a much more powerful meaning” – Susana Morales. 


UNLEASH is a non-profit initiative that started in 2017 by a variety of core partners from different countries and sectors. Together, they created a global lab that selects only 1000 people from all over the world, to come together and bring their insights and ideas as well as build lasting global networks around the Sustainable Development Goals. The mission of UNLEASH is “to accelerate disruptive ideas by engaging top talents in problem-solving and co-creation activities and by providing the support needed to bring the best ideas to life.”





Sustainability has been part of our ideological backbone since the beginning, as our organization captures and delivers value in economic, environmental and social terms. Our business brings to life the concepts of industrial ecology and circular economy by materialising the idea that the waste stream of one industry can be used as a key resource by another. 

Our technical expertise, market knowledge and legal understanding help to promote the optimal and efficient use of natural resources, reduce waste and toxic emissions, reduce operating costs and generate new revenue. 

As a result, we improve the environmental, economic and social performance of our suppliers and customers, with whom we work together to enable the recycling and recovery of residual resources.