MBP ATTENDS the National Biodiesel Conference & Expo IN TAMPA, January 20-23, 2020 

Join us for the annual biodiesel event of the year, National Biodiesel Conference & Expo

Tampa Convention Center

January 20-23, 2020

The event is organized by the National Biodiesel Board, representing America’s clean diesel replacement fuels and advancing the interests of its members by supporting sustainable biodiesel, renewable diesel, and renewable jet industry growth. NBB serves as the industry’s central coordinating entity for technical and quality assurance programs and will be the strongest voice for its advocacy, communications, and market development.

Get in touch via LinkedIn with Jan Rolin Frederiksen, North America Business Manager, and Michael Jæger, Area Manager, who will be attending the event. 

Turning one industry’s by-product into another industry’s raw material.

Who we are

We want to be the best in innovative management of biological by-products

our purpose

We want to be the company of choice for industries having or wanting biological by-products, by delivering customised offerings through the excellence and competence of our people and practice.

what we do

MBP Solutions is a world leader in the collection, handling, processing, production, and application of biological by-products and related services.

Sustainability has been part of our ideological backbone since the beginning, as our organization captures and delivers value in economic, environmental and social terms. Our business brings to life the concepts of industrial ecology and circular economy by materialising the idea that the waste stream of one industry can be used as a key resource by another.