Podcast on the Importance of Upskilling Employees for Businesses

We are pleased to announce that MBP Solutions joined the International Chamber of Commerce Academy in their podcast episode dedicated to the importance of upskilling and continuous professional development for employees to keep base with the everchanging requirements of the new global trade order. 

Today, 45% of MBP Solutions employees are trained in ICC academy’s industry-validated exports and imports certificate, as investing in employees’ professional development is crucial to strengthen the backbone of any business. 

“At MBP Solutions we are working with recycling of industrial by-products and wastes. Then that means that we are finding the best solutions both in terms of economics but also in terms of finding the most environmentally advantageous application. We have developed an outsourcing solution so that industries having by-products and wastes can simply outsource the management of their by-products to us, at MBP Solutions. We will take over the management, from marketing and sales to transport and logistics, to registration with authorities, to producing reports to management on the achievements and the mass balances for the by-products. We are globally active and we take ownership of the by-products and that means that we do a lot of international transports and a lot of international contracts and a lot of trade and that’s why we’re here today. We’ve been participating and had a lot of employees on the ICC courses. It’s very relevant for us.” commented Jens Søgaard Jacobsen, Partner at MBP Solutions.

Regarding continuous professional development, Jens added: “Professional development is equally important both for the company, as well as for the individual.  We’re seeing a lot of very rapid technological development. The change that we as a company are experiencing is quite amazing. It requires we are constantly aware that we need to upskill our employees and it’s a little bit like if you don’t grow, if you don’t develop as a company… well, you’re slowly dying, right? We see the employees as a key element of our company and what we can do. We are encouraging our employees to develop as well.”

 “We as people are motivated by learning new things, getting more responsibility, developing and experiencing this personal growth that goes along with it. It’s a win-win. It’s good for the employees to learn things. And it’s good for the company that their employees get new skills and have the opportunity to use them at work.”

OMBP | Outsourced Management of By-Products

MBP Solutions was founded in 1999 and specializes in adding value to biological by-products through unique know-how regarding product applications, sustainability, sales and marketing, legal compliance, and supply chain management. 

With a focus on the utilisation of the resources in biological by-products, MBP Solutions has developed a unique service called OMBP (Outsourced Management of By-Products) 360ᵒ solutions – where by-products and wastes from different factories in Europe and North America, from industries such as fish and vegetable oil refining, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and oleochemicals, are managed in a sustainable way.

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Growth at MBP Solutions

Historically the business world has focused on the demands of shareholders rather than stakeholders and particularly on growth: growth in income and profitability.

What is our go green scheme?

MBP has helped a wide range of industries to improve many different aspects of their by-product management. We can help your business go green.