Sustainable Innovation and Partnerships to Reduce Food Waste

MBP Solutions in Scandinavia has just pioneered a unique solution to the problem of “How to find a good solution to our packaged products?” 

MBP Solutions has long been a market leader in providing good solutions for biological by-products from industries. In some industries we see significant volumes of packaged products that must be discarded either because of out-of-date issues or because of recalls. Traditionally these products have been expensive to get rid of and solutions have not been very sustainable. MBP has worked with one of our OMBP customers and developed a custom designed machine that efficiently separates the packaging material from the liquid contents. The liquid contents can be used for animal feed, and thus enter the food chain. In cases where the liquids do not meet animal feed requirements, we also have an outlet for biogas feedstock. The packaging material is kept separate, compressed, and can also be recycled.

The solution has several sustainable advantages:

• Solution is local, which minimizes transportation

• Liquids are used for animal feed, which is high on the waste hierarchy

• Packaging material is separated, consolidated, and recycled as well 

• Feed quality is ensured through hygiene and short time from processing to use

MBP Solutions’ development manager David Magnussen has driven the project and says: “In MBP we like to come up with innovative solutions that drive more value and are sustainable. This is only possible with the long term perspective with have in the OMBP service and the partnership we have with our customers.”

Go ahead and contact MBP if you are also looking for solutions to your by-products.

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