Rasmix OY joins MBP Solutions Ltd in sustainable recycling of resources

The Finnish specialised recycling company Rasmix Oy is active in management and recycling of various industrial wastes and residues from the food, bio and paper and pulp industry (more than 6 000 tons annually). Rasmix owns and operates a recovery facility in Riihimäki, Finland that allows them to consolidate and clean bio oils and other natural by-products. In a share deal MBP Solutions has acquired the majority ownership in Rasmix buying shares from management as well as Finnish private equity, Pikespo Invest Oy. The new ownership of Rasmix will have MBP Solutions as the majority shareholder along with Rasmix CEO Jukka Kinnunen and two Rasmix key persons. 

The share purchase is the natural development of the strategic cooperation between the two parties where MBP has been responsible for sales of a number of by-products like used cooking oil and fish oil from salmon and trout into value adding activities in animal feed, biodiesel production and other bio energy applications. In the new structure Rasmix will become a full member of MBP Solutions global network of sales offices and treatment facilities that enables a local presence and a high customer service level with access to a global sales network as well as industry leading competencies in application knowledge, industry focus as well as legal compliance, supply chain expertise and quality and sustainability certifications.

”Joining MBP Solutions strengthens sustainable development in Finland and will bring opportunities to discover new solutions in our field. We are very pleased to continue our cooperation and journey together with MBP Solutions as it will give us new global product and application expertise” says CEO of Rasmix OY, Jukka Kinnunen. Kinnunen will continue as the CEO of Rasmix and as a shareholder. 

“We are excited by Rasmix becoming a full member of the MBP family. We already know Rasmix well from our cooperation during the past four years so we are confident that this will be a good match and will be an advantage for Rasmix, for the customers of Rasmix as well as for MBP. Finland will fit well into our Nordic business where we already have a strong presence with sales offices, treatment facilities and employees in Norway, Sweden and Denmark,” states founder and chairman of MBP Solutions, David Magnussen.

Samuli Strömberg (board member), David Magnussen (MBP Solutions), Jukka Kinnunen (Rasmix), Raija Alonen, Antti Rauhala (Pikespo Invest)

MBP Solutions is a global leader in management of waste and residues from industries that have biologic waste and by-products like the oleochemical, biodiesel, pharma as well as food and beverage industries. MBP has developed the unique outsourcing service called OMBP, Outsourced Management of By-Products where they are managing by-products from 40 factories on four continents.

For information about MBP Solutions, visit: https://www.mbpsolutions.com/

For information about Rasmix Oy, visit: https://www.rasmix.fi/in-english/

OMBP | Outsourced Management of By-Products

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