MBP Solutions and Cirkulär Join Forces to Create New Circular Products

MBP Solutions, global leader in by-product management and driver of the circular economy (the practice of using waste and residual resources as an input for other products), is announcing the acquisition of shares in Cirkulär, an industrial biotech company specializing in turning by-products into valuable resources with the use of an advanced fungi-based fermentation technology. This investment fits with MBP Solutions’ aim to find innovative solutions and add value to waste and by-products. 

MBP Solutions is known for its innovative by-product management solutions, which help companies improve profitability, create new revenue streams, reduce waste and act more sustainably. With a focus on managing by-products from biological raw materials, MBP Solutions serves a range of industries, from the oleochemical, biodiesel and refining industries to breweries, starch manufacturers, and pharmaceutical companies. 

Cirkulär, on the other hand, is an industrial biotech company that has harnessed the power of filamentous fungi to transform lignocellulosic by-products into premium, sustainable products. With its inaugural commercial production facility, Cirkulär is set to utilize by-products from the paper and pulp industry to create significant amounts of Cirkulein™ – a mycomeal™ that is a nutrient-rich, sustainable ingredient for aquafeed and pet food. Through its approach, Cirkulär optimizes resource utilization and contributes to a responsible growth and green transition of the feed industry. This positions Cirkulär and its technology at the vanguard of creating circular economies, empowering industries to not only reduce their waste and contribute to a sustainable future, but to also unlock untapped value.

The acquisition of shares in Cirkulär represents a significant opportunity for MBP Solutions to expand its expertise in circular solutions and gain access to new technologies and resources. The investment will also enable increased collaboration between the two companies, combining Cirkulär’s strong technical and process knowledge with MBP Solutions’ nutritional knowledge and go-to-market expertise.

“We are excited to announce our investment in Cirkulär,” said Chief Sales Officer and Partner, Jens Søgaard Jacobsen. “This acquisition represents a strategic move for us as we continue bring sustainable and circular proteins as well as fats and oils to the food chain. We complement each other well and expect great things in the future from this partnership.”

The investment in Cirkulär aligns with MBP Solutions’ commitment to sustainability and circular economy solutions. By working together, the two companies hope to drive innovation and develop new solutions for managing waste and by-products and turning them into valuable resources. Cirkulär brings the research, technology and production, and MBP Solutions brings a deep nutritional and legislative knowledge, as well as contact to strategic customer segments.

“We’re thrilled to partner with MBP Solutions, a strategic investor joining us early on Cirkulär’s journey. With their unmatched expertise in by-product management and circular solutions, this partnership is crucial as we scale our fungal fermentation technology to transform complex organic by-products into high-value bio-based products for the feed and food industry, and beyond. Together, we’re dedicated to forging a sustainable future,” said Eric Öste, CEO & Founder of Cirkulär.

For information about MBP Solutions, visit: https://www.mbpsolutions.com/

For information about Cirkulär, visit: https://cirkular.bio/

At MBP Solutions, we specialize in turning by-products into valuable resources. We help companies improve profitability, create new revenue streams, reduce waste, and act more sustainably. From recycling to renewable energy, technical applications, animal feed or human food, our solutions are tailored to your specific needs.

Our partners outsource the management of their by-products to us, freeing up valuable internal resource to focus on core business activities, safe in the knowledge that their operational priorities are met and they are supporting the circular economy.

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