Meet MBP Solutions at ECOMONDO 2022, the reference event in Europe and the Mediterranean Basin for the green and circular economy. Ecomondo is an international hub where all the drivers of the ecological transition are presented and discussed.

 At MBP Solutions, we work for a more sustainable world by helping industries reduce their impact on the environment.

We support sustainable development by optimising resource use and implementing circular business solutions. We take industrial waste and residues and divert them from landfilling to energy uses or as fertilizers in agriculture, and we upgrade and qualify residues for use in animal feed to help reduce the pressure on limited natural resources. We join efforts with our suppliers, customers, employees through UN’s SDG Ambition Accelerator and Climate Ambition Accelerator Programs and different stakeholders to build a more sustainable world.

We will be at ECOMONDO to discuss with the industry, how together we can continue to improve the use of the important resource that are the by-products are.

You can find us in Hall D5, area dedicated to Circular bioeconomy and bioenergy, Stand 03. We are glad to be joined by ReSource International, the sister company of MBP, specialized in environmental consulting and services. We solve issues with quality and innovation in mind. We are aim to combine traditional consulting and services with an innovative approach and a strong focus on operation. Our special approach and quality of the work are what makes our customers satisfied.

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Join us at ECOMONDO and let's further develop the industry together.

We are available for a meeting to understand your needs and discuss solutions.

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VP Business Development at MBP Solutions


European Sales Director at MBP Solutions

Alessandro Sarno

Chief Executive Officer (VD) at ReSource

Nicolas Marino Proietti

Partner at ReSource

OMBP | Outsourced Management of By-Products

MBP Solutions is a company specializing in sales and market development of by-products from industries with a biological manufacturing process. Using by-products in different application is both sustainable and part of a circular economy

MBP Solutions has expertise in sales into different application areas as: animal feed, biofuels, anaerobic digestion, soil improvement as well as various technical applications

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Sustainability at MBP Solutions

The degradation of the world’s natural resources caused by human activities has created the need to move from a linear model of consumption.

What is our go green scheme?

MBP has helped a wide range of industries to improve many different aspects of their by-product management. We can help your business go green.