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MBP Solutions & Dia-Chemical Recognize KLK Oleo Factories for making sustainability a priority

MBP Solutions, in partnership with DIA-Chemical, is presenting a Sustainability Recognition to two KLK Oleo factories, for their remarkable achievements in by-products transformation. Palm-Oleo and KL-Kepong Oleomas are receiving the awards for their outstanding efforts in making sustainability a priority over the past 5 years.

Both factories have made significant contributions through the export of by-products from oleochemical production. Instead of disposing of the substance, the factories have diverted it from landfilling and waste water treatment plants and begun processing it for alternative and more sustainable uses. 

Through this important sustainability initiative, KLK OLEO is contributing towards significant greenhouse gas emission savings, through the diversion of waste from landfill. 

MBP Solutions is delighted to recognize Palm-Oleo and KL-Kepong Oleomas for their commitment to sustainability and their contributions toward a greener future. Congratulations to both factories on this well-deserved recognition.

Awards presented by MBP & DIA-Chemical

MBP has been a pioneer in sustainable solutions for industrial by-products and is recognised as a company with a ESG performance in the top 1% of industries. (EcoVadis Gold Status)

At MBP Solutions, we specialize in turning by-products into valuable resources. We help companies improve profitability, create new revenue streams, reduce waste and act more sustainably. From recycling to renewable energytechnical applicationsanimal feed or human food, our solutions are tailored to your specific needs.

Our partners outsource the management of their by-products to us, freeing up valuable internal resource to focus on core business activities, safe in the knowledge that their operational priorities are met and they are supporting the circular economy.

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