MBP Solutions achieves PLATINUM status in EcoVadis CSR rating, placing us in the top 1% of all companies assessed

Sustainability ratings are gaining growing relevance in the corporate sustainability world. They evaluate how well a company balances economic, environmental and social values and performance to measure the overall quality of its sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) management system. 

To strengthen the transparency of our company, we use one of the world’s most trusted methodologies: the EcoVadis CSR ratingTheir evidence-based assessments are refined into easy to read scorecards, providing zero to one hundred (0-100) scores; medals (bronze, silver, gold, platinum); and guidance on strengths and improvement areas. This year, our overall score improved from 69/100 to 73/100. This score placed our company among the top 1 percent of companies assessed by EcoVadis, and for this achievement, we have been awarded our first Platinum EcoVadis Medalthanks to improvements in Labour & Human Rights as well as our participation in the SDG Ambition Accelerator and the Climate Ambition Accelerator Programs. 

Between January and June 2021, MBP Solutions took part in the “SDG Ambition Accelerator”, a six-month program that challenges and supports participating companies of the UN Global Compact in selecting and integrating “SDG Benchmarks” into core business management. One of the SDG Ambition Benchmarks that MBP is aiming to integrate into the company’s strategy is “Science-based emissions reduction in line with a 1.5°C pathway”. With this in mind, we are also taking part in the first version of the “Climate Ambition Accelerator”. The training program will run until December 2021, and it is expected to help us be better prepared to join the world’s transition to a net-zero future. 

As part of this development, we will be working on a project where we will attempt to collect and register the GHG emissions from our third-party transports when we ship goods. This will be the first step in being able to communicate to our customers and suppliers the GHG impact from transports and potentially in offering transport alternatives with respect to GHG emissions.

The EcoVadis recognition demonstrates MBP’s commitment to continuous improvement and high competence in important corporate sustainability areas. This is great news not only for our company but also for our suppliers, customers, employees and partners, as it gives them the security that they are working with a company that operates in a responsible manner with the planet, the people and the economy. We will use the results of our assessment to focus our sustainability efforts for next year and develop corrective action plans to improve our sustainability performance even more and achieve best practice.

MBP’s Sustainability Approach

Since 2017 MBP Solutions LTD has been committed to the UN Global Compact corporate responsibility initiative and its principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. In December 2020, MBP Solutions submitted the latest Communication on Progress.

Sustainability has been part of our ideological backbone since the beginning, as our organisation captures and delivers value in economic, environmental and social terms. 

Our business brings to life the concepts of industrial ecology and circular economy by materialising the idea that the waste stream of one industry can be used as a key resource by another. 

The report focuses on our performance, challenges and opportunities and it covers MBP’s entire organisation, including administrative offices, industrial facilities and sourcing operations.

Read our Corporate Social Responsibility report 2020

MBP Solutions is a company specializing in sales and market development of by-products from industries with a biological manufacturing process. Using by-products in different application is both sustainable and part of a circular economy

MBP Solutions has expertise in sales into different application areas as: animal feed, biofuels, anaerobic digestion, soil improvement as well as various technical applications

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Sustainability at MBP Solutions

The degradation of the world’s natural resources caused by human activities has created the need to move from a linear model of consumption.

What is our go green scheme?

MBP has helped a wide range of industries to improve many different aspects of their by-product management. We can help your business go green.